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Year 6 Residential Visit to N. Yorks September 2022

Tuesday 20th September


We have had a brilliant first day on our residential visit. After a smooth journey to Rotherham, we all really enjoyed our afternoon at Magna. The children were fascinated in each of the pavilions and we had great fun trying all of the interactive activities – we drove mini diggers, learned about the power of air and water and even watched a fire tornado.

We arrived at Cober Hill just in time for dinner – home made vegetable soup, beef stew, vegetables and new potatoes and crumble and custard! There were lots of clean plates!

This evening, Rose – our favourite Whitby Storyteller – came to join us at Cober Hill and told us lots of stories (some of them a bit spooky!) about the local area. After a long day, everyone was looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

Wednesday 21st September



Today was another sunny day in North Yorkshire. We had a fairly early breakfast (cereal, toast, scrambled egg, sausage and beans!), ready for the journey to Durham and Beamish museum. When we arrived, we split into two groups, ready for our Victorian lesson in the school house. The headmistress was very strict and we weren’t allowed to talk (even the adults had to be quiet too!) We enjoyed exploring the whole of the museum, going into pit cottages, visiting the Victorian dentist and riding on old fashioned trams and buses.

We got back to Cober Hill in time for dinner: chicken nuggets, chicken goujons, hoops and chips, followed by chocolate sponge and custard.


In the evening, Miss Griggs, Miss Pender and Mrs. Barker opened their ‘hair salon’ and we also played lots of board games. At the end of the evening, we had cake and candles for birthday boy Jayden!


Thursday 22nd September

Today was chocolate day! We had another lovely breakfast of cereal, toast, sausage, scrambled eggs and beans and then set off for York. Our destination was the York Chocolate Story, where we found out all about the history of chocolate, as well as sampling a few treats on the way! We also had fun in a chocolate and science workshop, learning all about how chocolate is made, from how it is grown to eating our favourite bar. We also got to make our own designer lollies and chocolate slabs, which was great fun!

Once back at Cober Hill, we had time to pack and get ready for the disco, before heading off for dinner, which was a delicious meal of fish, chips and mushy peas.

After dinner, we had an evening of fun at the disco, complete with glow sticks. James managed to collect 134! We also wished birthday boy Keenan a very Happy Birthday!

Friday 23rd September

Today was our last day at Cober Hill. We had a lovely breakfast and thanked all of the amazing staff for looking after us so well. Everyone worked hard to load the coach and, after our final goodbyes to everyone at Cober Hill, we set off for Whitby.

After a short drive over the moors, we could soon see Whitby Abbey on the clifftops in the distance and the sea beyond. It didn’t take long for us to reach Whitby Abbey and, although it was a bit windy, we were lucky to have blue skies.

We organised ourselves ready for our traditional ‘hats’ photo and then had a chance to explore the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

After a visit to the Abbey shop, we came back to the clifftops, where Mrs. Barker and Mr. Verlinden were waiting for us with our Whitby fish and chips! We all sat together on the grass to enjoy our tasty lunch!

We all had a fantastic time!


P.S. from Miss Griggs: Year 6 were an absolute pleasure to be with and to take away as a group. Without fail, everywhere we went (and also at Cober Hill), we were complimented on the children’s outstanding manners, behaviour and politeness. Very well done to everyone in Year 6 and huge thanks also to Miss Pender, Mr. Hewitt, Mrs. Barker and Mr. Verlinden for accompanying the children and me.