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Thursday 9th June 2022. 

Year 6 Production         By Bella and Charlotte   

Every Year 6 pupil participates in a play at the end of the year. This year for production we are doing ‘Superstan’, which is a twist on the known story - Superman. Superstan is a story about an ordinary boy who transforms into a superhero to save his city from danger. 


We rehearse every day for an hour and 30 minutes in the morning. We run through the script, the songs, the sound effects, where we sit off stage and when we come on.



I am Stanley Marvel’s grandmother in the play. Her character is not your ordinary gran, she runs lots of marathons with her team, the Crumblies! I like playing this character because I have lots of lines and a solo. I also enjoy doing the play as I get to be with all my friends and it is a very funny play with lots of funny roles. 



I am the reporter, Max Volume, in the production. I am on stage, most of the time, with the other reporter, Sunny Day. I enjoy playing this part because I get to reveal each of the scenes. His character is important as he introduces what will happen and this is why I like playing this role.

 If you want to see our production it is on the 13th-14th of July!  

Our First Blog!

Friday 20th May 2022


SATS week is done but it was not as hard as we expected! We had lots of teachers supporting us throughout the week. It started on Monday 9th May and ended on-Thursday 12th May. On Monday, we started off with Grammar and Spelling, then on Tuesday we had a Reading test, Wednesday was Arithmetic and Problem Solving and for our last test on Thursday was Problem Solving 2.


We had to come in at 8.00am to eat breakfast every day. We always had cereal (Rice Krispies!); there were lots of options and we had LOTS of toast. When you are in Year 6, when you do SATS, we would recommend you go to the breakfast because then you will get the same start as everyone else. Also, all the teachers all made you sure you were happy with how you were feeling about the tests you had that day. It was also good to see and talk to your peers to help you relax so you aren’t nervous before the test.


Monday 9th May:


On Monday, everyone was nervous (but very excited for cereal and toast!). Once we sat down for our first SATS test, we dealt a bit better but still had butterflies in our stomachs. After the tests, we were much more confident and ready to face the next test.


Tuesday 10th May:


On Tuesday, we had reading as our third test. Reading was very nerve wracking for us as we can’t ask for teachers to read the questions. But we had pushed through it! The teachers helped us stay positive along the way.


Wednesday 11th May:


On Wednesday, we had Arithmetic. This was the one we were most happy about because we are very confident at maths. We also had problem solving paper 1 which we aren't as confident in but still did it and were amazing!


Thursday 12th May: 


On Thursday, we had problem solving paper 2. We were very nervous but managed to get through the last test (despite being tired!) and we were very happy that we had finished all our SATS.



Where did you sit? 

We were assigned by the teachers.

Adults in the room?

Mrs Carter, Mrs Yearling, Miss Griggs, Miss Pender, Mr Verlinden

Your feeling?

Well we felt nervous but then we were very proud of ourselves!


Thanks for reading our daily blog 


Sophie and Penny :)


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