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Classteacher: Miss J. Dandy

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. S. Wade

Mrs. J. Terry


Our topic for the Summer Term is...




We will be learning about rainforests and the animals that live there, focusing on the Amazon and Brazil (we believe there is something exciting happening there this year...?!), as well as investigating endangered species and how we can help to preserve them.



This week's learning...


In maths this week, the children have been using their knowledge of data and data collection in a different way!  They have investigated whether the circumference of your head means that you have longer hands!  They have collected proof and organised the data into tables and charts.  We have started to compare the ideas of 'circumference' and 'perimeter', too!


In literacy, we have been focusing on dictionary skills, identifying the features of dictionaries and understanding why they are useful.  The children have alphabetised different words and put them into columns, just like dictionaries. 


We are looking forward to our Internet Safety assembly tomorrow, where we will learn how to keep ourselves safe online.





 We are encouraging the children to look carefully at their work and to reflect on what could make it even better next time.  We would love it if you could support this when you come to the classroom (you are warmly welcomed to pop in on Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons!) by asking your child what the green and yellow in their books means. 


Green for Growth - what the children could grow and develop next time.

Yippee Yellow - Something that made their teachers shout 'Yippee!'.


Ask your child why they have stuck a WALT sticker in their work.  Did they feel proud of themselves?  Did they get lots of Yippee Yellow?  Do they want to work on their ideas a bit more?






At Home Observations - one of our focus areas this week: feel free to keep an eye out for this in your children's play! If you spot it, record it for their Learning Journey (you could even print this out and scribble on it if that's easier!)

The children are having lots of fun playing in the puddles at playtime. If your child would like to splash in the puddles at playtime, please send wellies into school in a named carrier bag. Thank you!

Don't forget to come in and share your children's Learning Journeys on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons!


Ever wonder which skills your children are learning through play?  Here is a link that you might find interesting:



Learning Journey 'At Home' Notes - print them from here!




Phonics and Reading:

Wish your child would say more than "nothing" when you ask about their day? Try using these sneaky questions when you chat to them (borrowed from a parenting blog...too good not to share!).

How do we write letters at school? This sheet gives you the phrases we use.

'A Midwife Crisis' - Christmas 2015