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Classteacher: Miss G. Freeman

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Mrs. J. Terry

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Science: Investgation

Science: Investgation 1
Science: Investgation 2
Science: Investgation 3
Science: Investgation 4
Science: Investgation 5
Science: Investgation 6
Rapunzel needed us to investigate materials and find the strongest one, so the Prince could save her from her tower.

Maths: Measuring

Maths: Measuring 1
Maths: Measuring 2
Maths: Measuring 3
Maths: Measuring 4
Maths: Measuring 5
Maths: Measuring 6
Maths: Measuring 7
Maths: Measuring 8
Maths: Measuring 9
Maths: Measuring 10
We have used non-standard and standard units to measure. This included our hands, fingers, cubes and rulers.

P.E.: Dance

P.E.: Dance 1
P.E.: Dance 2
P.E.: Dance 3
P.E.: Dance 4
P.E.: Dance 5
P.E.: Dance 6
P.E.: Dance 7
P.E.: Dance 8
P.E.: Dance 9
P.E.: Dance 10
P.E.: Dance 11
P.E.: Dance 12
P.E.: Dance 13
The toys were sprinkled with magic fairy dust and have come to life. We moved around thinking about our speed, facial expressions, body movements and levels.

World Book Day 2015

Curriculum Information Autumn Term 2014