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Classteacher: Mrs. H. Love/Mrs. L. Dhanak


This week, have been developing our writing skills.  We have started thinking about the features we need to include in our writing, such as our phonics, tricky words, finger spaces, capital letters and punctuation.  The children are relishing the challenge and their progress is wonderful to see.  If your child writes or draws at home, encourage them to hold the pencil comfortably; the crocodile snap song below can help with this.  


After half term, we will be in need of some tiny boxes!  If you have any tiny boxes in your recycling, please do bring them in for a secret activity...



As we move into colder (and wetter!) weather, please do make sure that EVERYTHING is labelled.  If something isn't named, it is very tricky to work out who it belongs to: named things are much more likely to come back to the right child (even if somebody else has taken it by mistake).  Your children are doing extremely well at doing their own coats up and looking after their extra hats, gloves and scarves.  Thank you for supporting this independence so much at home; it really shows!


Please find Tricky Words below to practise reading at home. Feel free to print them and cut out as flashcards, see if they can read them on screen, or work together to spot them in books. These words are called Tricky Words because (at the moment), we can't sound them out - we just have to learn to read them.

Our Dinosaur Day!

Editing our own video!

Still image for this video

What is subitising and WHY is it so important in young children's maths?

A video (made during the pandemic) explaining what our focus is at school and why it is important.

Birch visited the library for the first time, they were very excited!! We all chose a book to bring back to the classroom to share with our friends. 

Knowledge Organiser - Spring Term

Pronunciation and Formation Phrases - Phonics

Maths Games You Can Play At Home - supporting the KIRFs