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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Our Senior Leadership Team



Miss D. Griggs - Headteacher/Myland English Hub Strategic Lead


Miss J. Dandy - Assistant Headteacher & Foundation Stage Leader


Miss R. Jarrett - Assistant Headteacher & Myland English Hub Lead


Mrs. L. Carter - Assistant Headteacher/National Teaching for Mastery Specialist


Mrs. J. Mann - SENCO 


Our Teaching Staff


Mrs. H. Love - Birch Class (Reception) 

Miss J. Dandy - Willow Class - Assistant Headteacher/Foundation Stage Leader (Reception) 

Mrs. S. Skinner - Sycamore Class (Year 1) 

Miss E. Riddleston - Larch Class (Year 1/Year 2) 

Miss F. Rodgers - Cedar Class (Year 2) 

Miss A. Lee - Beech Class (Year 3)

Mrs. B. Watts - Oak Class (Year 3/Year 4) - Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs. M. Lewis - Redwood Class (Year 4) 

Miss H. Barten  - Chestnut Class (Year 5)

Miss N. Pender - Maple Class (Year 5/Year 6) - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs. L. Carter - Rowan Class (Year 6) & Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. J. Mann - SENCO 

Mrs. G. Lugar - KS1 (part time) 

Mrs. R. Foster - KS2 (part time)

Mrs. J. Vestey - French Teacher (part time)




Our Classroom Support Staff


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs. V. Bensilum - EYFS 

Mrs. C. Osman - Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2

Mrs. T. Yearling - Upper Key Stage 2


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. S. Brown

Mr. I. Cooke

Mrs. L. Gladman

Miss T. Leggett

Mrs. S. Meachen

Mrs. C. Patrick

Mrs. L. Reed

Mrs. L. Rose

Mr. M. Verlinden

Mrs. S. Wade

Miss. K. Westfall


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs. K. Brady

Miss S. Waite


Nurture Team

Mrs. L. Richardson- Lead Learning Mentor

Mrs. K. Martin - Learning Mentor


Sports Coach

Dan Boxell




Our Support Staff


Mrs. J. Farthing - School Business Manager

Mrs. J. Barker - Office Administrator

Mr. D. Keating - Site Manager

Mrs. V. Steinitz - Administrative Assistant

Our Catering Staff


Mrs. H. Woodcock - Catering Manager

Miss E. Phillips - Assistant Catering Manager

                        - Catering Assistant

Mrs. R. Batterham - Catering Assistant


Our Lunchtime Supervision Staff


Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs. K. Kane


Lunchtime Playleaders

Mrs. L. Gladman

Mr. M. Verlinden

Miss K. Westfall


Midday Supervisors

Miss E. Chellew

Mrs. N. Chenery

Mrs. P. Comerma

Miss. L. May

Mrs. A. Salamonova

Mrs. M. Wharton

Mrs. K. Williams


 Myland English Hub


Miss D. Griggs - Myland English Hub Strategic Lead

Miss R. Jarrett - Myland English Hub Lead

Miss J. Dandy - Deputy Hub Lead/Literacy Specialist

Ms. L. Lewis - Myland English Hub Co-ordinator

Mrs. H. Love - Literacy Specialist

Mrs. K. Berrie - Literacy Specialist

Mrs. A. Ward - Literacy Specialist

Mrs. A. Wigzell - Literacy Specialist


               'Windmills' - Breakfast and After School Provision


Mrs. V. Bensilum - 'Windmills' Manager


Windmills Staff

Miss R. Jarrett

Mrs. S. Wade

Miss T. Leggett

Ms. L. Lewis

Miss K. Westfall