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Celebrating the Arts at Myland

Art in Reception


In Reception, they have a fantastic art corner where children can let their creativity flow! Today, I was shown an excellent piece created by a budding artist. She used paint and crayon to recreate the image she had seen in an art book. A brilliant effort, well done! 

The Swing Band

We had a fantastic swing band in on Tuesday the 21st of June. They played a mix of songs from the 1940s right up to modern day. They were fabulous! The children thoroughly enjoyed the concert. 


Prop Prepping

It is that time of the year! Year 6 are working hard to learn their lines for a fantastic play at the end of the academic year. There are lots of individuals - pupils and staff alike- that come together to make sure the play is fabulous. Here is one of our super members of staff creating some of the props needed for such a brilliant play. 

Year 5/6 Art Inspired by Kensuke's Kingdom 

Upper KS2 have been looking at the art of calligraphy. They created these beautiful flags inspired by the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. The children chose Japanese symbols and used brushes to apply their ink designs to their hand-dyed fabric. They look beautiful! Alongside these stunning flags, the children created their own versions of the piece 'Great Wave' by Hokusai.