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Classteacher: Miss J. Dandy

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. V. Bensilum (EYFS HLTA)

Mrs. Y. White

Mrs. L. Rose

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This week's learning:

We have loved learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year and the traditions that the event brings. We are learning that different people celebrate different things but that similarities can often be found. We particularly love the tradition of the Chinese Dragon Dance!

In Maths, we have been using ‘part whole’ models to explore number bonds to 5 and working out how one whole number can be split into two smaller parts. 

In Phonics, we are now beginning work on Phase 3 sounds and have been practising using them in blending. These sounds are called ‘digraphs’ and are two letters that make one sound, like ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ’th’ and ‘ng’. We are beginning to spot ‘tricky words’ (ones we can’t sound out) in books and sentences:

I, go, to, the, me, we, she and he. When you are reading a story to or with your child and you come across one of these, see if they can find it for themselves! 


If you would like a tablet-friendly game to support phonics, then try this challenge - how many sounds can your child spot? (make sure you choose 'Phase 2' set of sounds):


There is also a great blending game (again, make sure you select 'Phase 2') to practise using the same sounds to build words for reading:


Carry on reading stories to your children and, alongside this, you can see how speedily they recognise their sounds!  Here are all of the sounds we have learned and the ones you can build words with at home:



In Willow class, we have been able to spot all of these sounds in 25 seconds!


We are learning to master our maths skills, to help us truly understand the concepts of maths.  Numberblocks is a fantastic programme that supports this and you can often get great resources in the CBeebies magazines!

If you want to find out more about how we pronounce sounds in phonics and how you can support your child with their learning at home, then check out the Alphablocks!


The children are going to have lots of fun digging in our special 'muddy' digging area at COOL Time. If your child would like to do this without the possibility of muddy, soggy shoes, please feel free to send wellies into school in a named carrier bag. Thank you!



Don't forget to come in and share your children's Learning Journeys on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings!

Wish your child would say more than "nothing" when you ask about their day? Try using these sneaky questions when you chat to them (borrowed from a parenting blog...too good not to share!).


Ever wonder which skills your children are learning through play?  Here is a link that you might find interesting:

At Home Observations

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