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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class

Classteacher: Miss J. Dandy

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. V. Bensilum (EYFS HLTA)

Mrs. L. Rose

A message from your teachers

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Week beginning Monday 20th July:


A Special Note To Willow Class 


W is for winners; you all tried your very best.

I is for intelligence; your teachers were very impressed!

L is for lovely; you gorgeous, cheeky bunch.

L is for our favourite word; in Willow we loved LUNCH!

O is for orthographic store; we are the ones that know...

W is for Willow!  We have loved to watch you grow.



Willow, you have been hilarious, hardworking and so, so brave this year.  We are so proud of everything you have done in your first year of school.  Your Year 1 teachers are so lucky to have you; we have told them all about you and they are excited to meet you soon!  We cannot WAIT to see you all back in school, filling the classrooms with your laughs and learning.  Remember to keep those brains creaking (it's a teacher's favourite sound!) and those smiles beaming.  Have a beautiful summer, you wonderful bunch.


Love from

Miss Dandy, Mrs. Bensilum and Mrs. Rose x

This Week's Maths:

Maths for this week is based on 'How Many Legs?'


If you haven't got the book at home, below is a link to story:







Phase 2 and 3 Sounds - as taught at school in EYFS:

Non Screen Activity Ideas:

Suggested Home Learning Timetable - may be useful if using the learning activities suggested on class pages:

We are learning to master our maths skills, to help us truly understand the concepts of maths.  Numberblocks is a fantastic programme that supports this and you can often get great resources in the CBeebies magazines!

If you want to find out more about how we pronounce sounds in phonics and how you can support your child with their learning at home, then check out the Alphablocks!


The children are going to have lots of fun digging in our special 'muddy' digging area at COOL Time. If your child would like to do this without the possibility of muddy, soggy shoes, please feel free to send wellies into school in a named carrier bag. Thank you!



Don't forget to come in and share your children's Learning Journeys on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings!

Wish your child would say more than "nothing" when you ask about their day? Try using these sneaky questions when you chat to them (borrowed from a parenting blog...too good not to share!).


Ever wonder which skills your children are learning through play?  Here is a link that you might find interesting:

Learning Journey 'At Home My Child Has...' Notes - print them from here!