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Tuesday 14th May 2024


Hello! We have finished our beautiful dragon displays. I have attached pictures below as I thought everyone should see how fabulous they are. Well done, Larch Class!



The children had a fabulous time at Jimmy's Farm!

What an eggcellent week! The children have really enjoyed watching the eggs hatch. The ducklings are very cute and have been a fantastic addition to the KS1 team. This week, the children had a super Boudicca day too! There is a picture of the class below in their wonderful outfits (thank you for all of your help with these). Have a lovely break! 

Tuesday 5th March 2024


What a fantastic start to the week! The children have been looking at the features of fact files. The children will now begin to learn their new text map! In maths, we have started to look at fractions. The children have been wonderful and have been identifying and creating halves of shapes and amounts. 



Monday 12th February 2024


Last week, the children completed a few different activities as part of Mental Health Week. Larch class went on a 'Walk and Talk' stroll with Rowan class, created phones with cups to share the importance of listening and participated in the fabulous non-uniform day where they could express themselves! The children also taught in their super shared learning session. They were amazing. Well don, Larch Class! I have attached some photos below. 

Monday 22nd January 2024


What a fabulous start to the week! The children made collage birds' nests. They were fabulous gulls searching for natural and man-made materials. In maths, we have started to look at counting in 2s. It would be fabulous if the children could continue practising these at home. 

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Patrick

18th December 2023


Wow! I was lucky enough to watch the KS1 Christmas production. The children sang some fabulous songs and had learned their lines beautifully! Well done! I was very proud and I hope the children were proud of themselves too. Have a lovely break and we will see you in January!


Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Patrick

Monday 11th December 2023


Over the last few weeks, the children have been working hard on their Christmas performance! Each class has been working on saying their words clearly, knowing when to go on and off the stage and remembering the actions to songs. The props and costumes are also looking fantastic thanks to Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Westfield and Mrs. Brown. I can't wait to see the final performance! 



Friday 24th November 2023

We have been working hard on Christmas Production rehearsals this week.  We are all super impressed with the way everyone has learned lines and actions.  We are really looking forward to sharing our hard work with you soon at the productions.

There are lots of coughs going around at the moment, so have a restful weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs. Lewis

Tuesday 14th November 2023


Wow! What an afternoon. We had some VERY exciting visitors today. Here they are entering our classroom! 

Monday 13th November 2023


In English, we have started our shared writing. The children are writing a diary from the perspective of a kangaroo. We have been inspired by our 'Wild Symphony' class text. As well as writing all the poems, Dan Brown also composed music to go with each of his poems.  I have included the piece written for the kangaroo poem which the children enjoyed listening to this week.

Wild Symphony: Bouncing Kangaroo

Thursday 12th October 2023


This week we made our own pizzas with a twist. They had to be revolting! We were inspired by the book 'Revolting Rhymes'. 

Monday 9th October 2023


Last week, we had a special visitor! A husky followed our instructions on how to dress like Red Riding Hood's grandma. 

Wednesday 20th September 2023


This week, we have been looking at one more and one less than a given number. We have used ten frames and number lines to help us. In English, we wrote our own instructions. The children worked really hard to remember all of the features they needed to include. It has been another lovely week for Larch Class and we are looking forward to another fabulous week next week!


Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Patrick

Thursday 14th September 2023


The children in Larch Class have had a lovely week! They had a fabulous P.E. lesson with Colchester United coaches. They will have this session every Wednesday. In maths, we have been partitioning numbers into their ones and tens using part-part-whole models. 


I hope the children have a restful weekend. 


Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Patrick