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One day to go... I can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

Ciao ciao


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We are wrapping up the Carnival season this week with vocab games and a few stories. I'm going to say it again: don't try to work out the meaning of every word! There is no "work" for you to do but simply give your ears/eyes/brain some good French. wink

Ciao Ciao

Madame V

🎉🎈 Carnaval - vocab and Memory Games (video 1)

Don't forget to turn on the English subtitles and change the playback speed to 0.75 (click on the wheel for the Settings).

🎉🎈 Carnaval - vocab and memory games (video 2)

Make sure you watch video 1 first. It focuses on the single words.
As usual for these, change the playback speed to 0.75 and turn on the English subtitles (click on the wheel for the Settings).

🎉🎈 Au carnaval des animaux - Story (listening, reading, step 1)

The animals are getting ready for the Carnival: "déguise" is similar to "disguise" in English.
It is easy to follow as it is very repetitive.

🎉🎈 Joyeux carnaval! Story (listening, reading, Step 1)

In France, the children dress up during carnival season and have a special day at school. They can also watch the famous festivals on tv.

🎉🎈 Album sur le carnaval - Story (listening, reading, Step 2)

The story starts at 40sec into the video (you can skip the intro)


Tuesday 16th Feb is Mardi Gras! That's the day YOU eat pancakes wink. Don't worry, we also have special food to celebrate... but there's so much more!

This week, I'm going to let you explore (staying safe online, obviously)...

Origins of Mardi Gras in France

What happens if you don't search "in France"? Does Mardi Gras exist in other places?

Some famous carnivals in Nice, Limoux, Paris, Annecy, Dunkirk and the very special Menton Lemon Festival

Time for some food... Have a look at some beignets de Mardi Gras. As you can see there are many different kinds, some with very funny names! (Who thought that "Nun's farts" would be a good idea?)

Children and staff in French primary schools dress up and parade in the streets. What costume would you choose? 

There is also a lot of mask making going on, with extra glitter and sequins! You can find Mardi Gras mask templates online if you'd like to have a go.

Have fun!

Madame V




The 2nd of February is the Chandeleur, the French pancake day. No, it's not Shrove Tuesday yet... we celebrate both pancake day AND Shrove Tuesday! I know what you're thinking: we've had Christmas with the 13 desserts, then January with the galette and brioche for the Epiphany, and we're still eating... Yes... cheeky

Enjoy finding out about the Chandeleur!

Madame V

🥞 La Chandeleur

Learn about the Chandeleur, with French and English subtitles, at the same time!
Disclaimer: I've never left a crêpe on top of a cupboard. What a waste... and also "beurk" (yuk).

🥞 Les crêpes - Recette (listening, reading)

Recipe for the crêpe batter. Turn on the French subtitles to follow along (it's easy).

🥞 La Chandeleur - Vocab and game

Sweet or savoury, here are some ideas for your crêpes.
You might want to change the Playback speed to 0.75 and turn on the English subtitles (click on the wheel at the bottom of the video).


If the Wolf was making crêpes... a silly song with ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and prepositions (on, in, underneath). Can you pick up any other words? Maybe day, butter, cat, garden, bed, head... If you've watched the other videos you can probably pick up even more!


I've been trying to record a video for you but technology is against me... (Je déteste la technologie! wink) I'm not giving up, I'll get there!

As you can see, I've reordered the stories: colour/emotion/size first, then the Epiphany, and finally all the Winter theme stories and songs. Remember you're letting your brain do its thing, don't worry about understanding every word, memorising new vocab etc, just relax and follow along. 

Ciao ciao

Madame V


🎨 Les Couleurs d'Elmer (STORY, Step 1)

I know you're way too old for Elmer stories... yet, simple stories like these are great for your language learning: it starts with all the colours, then repeats interesting structures (not beginner French at all). You'll gain more by watching this a few times than repeating the colours in French and doing an exercise. 😉
I am (colour) like a ... but ...

🎨 Pop mange de toutes les couleurs (STORY, Step 1) + colour cards to print out

After the story you will find ideas of games and activities to do with the cards. They look great so I added the file below (ask your responsible adult for help if you'd like to print them out).

Colour Cards to print out (Check out the French joined-up writing!)

🎨 Toutes les couleurs (STORY, step 1)

🎨 Trois souris peintres (STORY, Step 1)

🎨 une histoire de caméléon (STORY, Step 1)

The chameleon would like to have a colour just for him... He tries but it doesn't work and it makes him sad (can you spot sad in French in the story?), until...

🎨 Petit Poisson Blanc (Colours, Step 1)

Petit poisson blanc is looking for his Mum...


Monica loves painting, but she has never painted a kiss before... What colour is a kiss?
Note: The word kiss in French is also used at the end of a message. Instead of "Love" or "x x x", we write "Bises" or "Bisous".

😀 Aujourd'hui, je suis... (Emotions, Step 1)

In order:
curieux - curious ..... nerveux - nervous ..... courageux - brave ..... timide - shy ..... émerveillé - amazed ..... triste - sad ..... furieux - furious ..... fier - proud ..... jaloux - jealous ..... amoureux - in love ..... en colère - angry ..... content - happy ..... confus - confused ..... satisfait - satisfied ..... peureux - fearful ..... sûr de moi - confident (sure of myself) ..... effrayé - frightened ..... surpris - surprised ..... morose - morose (when you feel blugh) ..... heureux - happy

👑 LE tout petit roi (STORY - listening, reading)

petit(e) small
grand(e) tall/big
you can do the actions if you want.

👑 Crocolou aime la galette (STORY - listening, reading)

Crocolou likes the "galette". He is sharing the King's cake with his family. Who will get the "fève" and be crowned King or Queen?

👑 6 janvier: l' épiphanie


if you're a baking fan, you'll probably like the two videos bellow. They are not easy/beginner recipes but they are very satisfying to watch! Plus, I'm very pleased to have found videos in French with both French and English subtitles. Enjoy! smiley

Madame V

👑 RECETTE: la Galette des Rois

The Galette des Rois is found all over France in January. It's filled with almond cream or frangipane (a mix of almond cream and crème pâtissière).

French and English subtitles available (click on the wheel, bottom right of the video).

👑 RECETTE brioche des rois

A recipe for the brioche des rois, the traditionnal Kings' cake in the South of France.
ps: yes, bakers used to make the hole with their ELBOW! 😜

French and English subtitles available (click on the wheel, bottom right of the video).

👑 Galette des rois (Vocab and game)

Click on Settings (the wheel, bottom right of the video), then you can add English subtitles and also change the Playback Speed to 0.75.

❄ Les vêtements d'hiver - Vocab Game

Vocab game: Winter clothes
Click on CC for the French subtitles.

❄ La Pomme des Neiges (Story - listening, reading, Step 2)

The rabbit has found an apple but he can't reach. Maybe he needs a bit of help!

Le premier hiver de Rouge-Gorge (Story - listening, reading, Step 2)

It's Autumn... Robin can feel something is changing and keeps hearing about that "Winter" who should be coming soon. He's never met "Winter" and he's not sure what to think of him...

❄🎵 La Reine des Neiges - Libérée, délivrée

I have to say I prefer the French version (my totally unbiased opinion, of course 😉). What do you think?
You can select French subtitles to sing along or English subtitles to check the translation. Click on Settings (the wheel, bottom-right of the video), then Subtitles, French or English.
edit: there is an ad at the beginning on PC, sorry

❄ Petite taupe, ouvre-moi ta porte ! Story ( Listening, Reading, Step 1 )

Little Mole, open your door!
edit: ad on PC, sorry

❄ Juste un petit bout - Story (listening, reading, Step 1)

There is also a video to practise some of the vocab. I'm adding it just below the story.

❄ Vocabulaire Juste un petit bout

Have a go at repeating some of the words for the story above: "Juste un petit bout"

❄ La moufle - Story (listening, reading, Step 1)

This is one of my favourites!

❄🎵 Dehors l' hiver

edit: It seems the ads are playing on a PC (without ad blockers) but they are not there when using an Ipad or a smart phone... 🤔 as always, check with your parents/carers. Can you let me know if they are a problem for you.

Come out to play! Their friend is still indoors and he's not ready.
Enjoy the scenery: Winter in Canada is so beautiful!
Did you know French is the mother tongue of over 7 million people in Canada?
There are French subtitles available: click on the CC button.

❄Vocabulaire de l' hiver - Memory game

They speak quickly (even for me!) so you might want to slow it down: Settings (wheel next to cc, bottom right of the video), Playback speed, 0.75 instead of normal.

❄ Bien au chaud pour l' hiver (Story - listening, reading, Step 1)

The animals are getting ready for Winter. Good night!

❄🎄 Vocabulaire de l' hiver

edit: There is sometimes an ad, sorry. Please check with your parents/carers first.
Winter and Christmas vocab. I know it's not super exciting, but it's an easy way to get used to the words that will come up in many stories.

❄🎵 Olaf - En été

edit: There is sometimes an ad at the beginning, please check with your parents/carers (sorry, it's the only video I could find with the subtitles).
When a snowman dreams of Summer... 😉
Some interesting vocab in this song: in my opinion, not really, sometimes, hot-cold, sun-snow, I would be...
My favourite is at the end:
- I'm going to tell him.
- Out of the question!
You can activate the subtitles in French to sing along or in English for the translation. Click on Settings (the wheel next to cc, bottom right of the video) then select subtitles, choose French or English. Voilà!

❄ YOGA - le lièvre arctique

Something a bit different: 20 minutes of fun yoga with a story!
Note: you can activate the subtitles in French by clicking on the cc icon, bottom-right of the video.

Petit Poulet