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French with Madame Vestey


Here are some stories, songs and other ideas to add a bit of French to your day. I hope you enjoy them! 


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🎨 Les couleurs

🎨 Les Couleurs d'Elmer (STORY)

I know you're way too old for Elmer stories... yet, simple stories like these are great for language learning: it starts with all the colours, then repeats interesting structures (not beginner French at all). You'll gain more by watching this a few times than repeating the colours in French and doing an exercise. 😉
I am (colour) like a ... but ...

🎨 Pop mange de toutes les couleurs (STORY) + colour cards to print out

After the story you will find ideas of games and activities to do with the cards. They look great so I added the file below (ask your responsible adult for help if you'd like to print them out).

Colour Cards to print out (Check out the French joined-up writing!)

🎨 Toutes les couleurs (STORY)

🎨 Petit Poisson Blanc (Colours)

Petit poisson blanc is looking for his Mum...


Monica loves painting, but she has never painted a kiss before... What colour is a kiss?
Note: The word kiss in French is also used at the end of a message. Instead of "Love" or "x x x", we write "Bises" or "Bisous".

😀 Aujourd'hui je suis... (Emotions)

In order:
curieux - curious ..... nerveux - nervous ..... courageux - brave ..... timide - shy ..... émerveillé - amazed ..... triste - sad ..... furieux - furious ..... fier - proud ..... jaloux - jealous ..... amoureux - in love ..... en colère - angry ..... content - happy ..... confus - confused ..... satisfait - satisfied ..... peureux - fearful ..... sûr de moi - confident (sure of myself) ..... effrayé - frightened ..... surpris - surprised ..... morose - morose (when you feel blugh) ..... heureux - happy

Petit Poulet