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French with Madame Vestey


Here are some stories, songs and other ideas to add a bit of French to your day. I hope you enjoy them! 


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Mamie Petronille et le pirate

Mamie Petronille et le ruban Jaune

🎉 le livre surprise des déguisements (STORY)

The animals need to dress up for a party, but who is who?
The story starts at 40sec into the video (you can skip the intro)


Here is the adapted version of Roule Galette that we studied in class, followed by the original story as a cartoon (fast forward to 0.43). 

Roule Galette

The story starts at 0.43.

Chanson pour les enfants l'hiver (Poem written by Jacques Prévert)

Here is the written poem with a good English translation (there are many inaccurate translations online).

Chanson pour les enfants l'hiver (Poem written by Jacques Prévert)

Another version of the poem. Can you hear how the singer rolls the "r"? (very old school!)

❄🎄 Your Winter stories!

You can download the PDFs bellow (I'm still working on a printable version...)

🎨 Les couleurs

🎨 Les Couleurs d'Elmer (STORY)

I know you're a bit old for Elmer stories... yet it is a great way to revise your colours and learn some fun vocab: "I am white like a snowman", "green like grass", "red like the sunset".

🎨 Pop mange de toutes les couleurs (STORY) + colour cards to print out

After the story you will find ideas of games and activities to do with the cards. They look great so I added the file below (ask your responsible adult for help if you'd like to print them out).

Colour Cards to print out (Check out the French joined-up writing!)

🎨 Toutes les couleurs (STORY)

🎨 Petit Poisson Blanc (Colours)

Petit poisson blanc is looking for his Mum...


Monica loves painting, but she has never painted a kiss before... What colour is a kiss?
Note: The word kiss in French is also used at the end of a message. Instead of "Love" or "x x x", we write "Bises" or "Bisous".

😀 Aujourd'hui je suis... (Emotions)

In order:
curieux - curious ..... nerveux - nervous ..... courageux - brave ..... timide - shy ..... émerveillé - amazed ..... triste - sad ..... furieux - furious ..... fier - proud ..... jaloux - jealous ..... amoureux - in love ..... en colère - angry ..... content - happy ..... confus - confused ..... satisfait - satisfied ..... peureux - fearful ..... sûr de moi - confident (sure of myself) ..... effrayé - frightened ..... surpris - surprised ..... morose - morose (when you feel blugh) ..... heureux - happy

Petit Poulet