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Larch Class

Friday 16th July


This was our last full week together as a class but we have still been working super hard. We all made some fantastic stories using our very own ideas. We used our imaginations to their fullest and had loads of different characters and settings. There were flying unicorns on rainbows; fairies sitting on magical toadstools; pirates sailing in boats; friendly ghosts and even talking doughnuts in their factory. We also practiced using our left and right remembering that we can make an 'L' with our left hand to help us. On Friday, we tried to use all of our tennis skills and complete some rallies in pairs.

Friday 9th July


We had a very strange week in Larch this week, we were all by ourselves in KS1. We are proud of how well the children handled the situation and continued to work hard. We completed lots of tests this week and tried our very best.


On top of all of the quizzes this week, we also wrote an adapted version of a journey story. In our topic work we looked at special books, focusing on the Bible and parables, and enjoyed practicing tennis skills in PE. 


Finally, we had an art afternoon on Friday where we used lots of different techniques and materials to make hieroglyph prints. Some of them worked really well, other methods not so much but we had a great time experimenting and creating. 



Finished prints

Friday 2nd July


We all enjoyed our sports day this morning, running as fast as we could in the sprint races. We then had a relay race when we had to take turns running as a team. When the other classes were racing we enjoyed cheering them on!


In our topic sessions we have been making careful observations on the cress seeds we planted earlier on in the term. We found out that the cress grown in the cupboard with no light was yellowThe cress in the


shade grew quite well but the cress that was on the windowsill in the sunlight grew best

We have also been very excited to see the flowers we planted starting to grow, hopefully we will each have a pansy to take home soon! In history we have been finding out more facts about Tutankhamun and even drew our own map of his tomb labelling Howard Carter discovered there. There were lots of artefacts including a throne and a chariot. 


In our maths learning we have been reading the clock to o'clock and half past and have done an amazing job independently retelling 'The Journey' using the text map.

Sports Day Races

Friday 25th June


This week we had our KS1 Sports Day on Tuesday. We took part in lots of activities: jumping, javelin, egg and spoon races and more! We all tried our very best and had a great time.


We have started to learn our new text of ‘The Journey’ for English, creating some lovely text maps and have practised using our punctuation. In maths, we have been working hard with our partitioning and subtraction skills to find the difference between amounts of money. In topic we researched facts about Tutankhamun, did you know he became pharaoh when he was only 9 years old? We also wrote a scientific investigation to see what effect light has on cress seeds. 

Friday 18th June


This week we finished writing our adventure stories and started making amounts using different coins. On, Tuesday, we all enjoyed taking part in a Guinness World Record attempt by joining in the Young Voices Biggest Sing to ‘Lovely Day’. We took part in some body and vocal warm up sessions before joining in with children from all around the world. We also had fun planting our very own flowers, hopefully they will all grow!

Friday 11th June


It was lovely welcoming everybody back and hearing about all of the exciting activities we got up to over half term. We have started writing our own adventure stories where our characters find an exciting object in a mysterious location. We have chosen to find dinosaur eggs, diamonds, treasure chests and so much more! In maths we have been identifying different coins and amounts of money.

We also enjoyed our PE session when we started to learn some new tennis skills. 

Tennis session

Friday 28th May


We were really impressed this week in Larch with how well we all learnt our story ‘The End of the Rainbow’. The children worked so hard to independently write the story using their text maps, they all did a wonderful job. We researched some facts about arctic foxes and how they are similar and different to the red foxes we might see here. We discovered that they live in the arctic circle and located this area on a world map.


Well done for all of the effort you have shown since Easter. Have an amazing break and rest over half term!

Friday 21st May


In our English work we have started to learn a brand new action story ‘The End of the Rainbow’. We thought carefully about using adverbs to add more information to our writing.


In maths we are still learning about measuring but we have moved on from length and are now learning about mass. We have been finding out which objects in our classroom are heavier or lighter than each other and have even been trying to balance our scales.


This week we have been working really hard to complete our non-chronological fox reports and create our very own posters. They are looking fantastic!

Some of our fox reports

Friday 14th May


This week we had a very special visitor in the classroom to help inspire some of our writing. All of the adults in the classroom have been very impressed with the amazing non chronological fox reports that Larch have written independently. In maths we enjoyed estimating how long some objects were and then measuring them accurately with our rulers to check. We also learned all about where food comes from and the life cycle of a plant from a seed.

Friday 7th May


Larch class have been working hard this week as usual, even though we enjoyed our bank holiday Monday at home. We have started to learn how to measure things and managed to arrange ourselves in height order making sure we had somebody shorter to our right and somebody taller to our left. We also completed some beautiful science work to show the structure of plants and trees. 

Friday 30th April 2021


We spent lots of time learning about what is found in a non-chronological report and rehearsing our dolphin fact file. Then we used all of our hard work to write our dolphin fact files. In maths used all of our knowledge of number to practice our subtraction, remembering that we need to count backwards and the number gets smaller.


In our topic we were learning the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. Evergreen trees stay green forever and deciduous trees lose their leaves.  We then identified the trees on the school grounds and were very excited when we found the LARCH tree. We also designed a healthy meal.

Larch class with the larch tree!

Friday 23rd April


This week we learned about about dolphins and the important parts of writing a non chronological report. In maths we continued our tricky maths from last week, adding two 2-digit numbers (we even carried our tens!) We also spent some time learning o'clock and half past.

Friday 16th April


It is lovely to have everybody back after our Easter break, we hope everybody had a great time! We have been super busy.


In English we have been learning lots of facts about foxes that we can use in our non-chronological report writing. We have been carefully text mapping each day to help us remember.  Did you know that male foxes are called dogs?


In maths we have practiced our odd and even numbers and investigated what happens when you add them together. Odd + odd = even!


In science we went on a flora hunt to discover which trees and flowers we have around the school grounds. We had to look really closely so we could identify them correctly. We have also been using collage and other art techniques to begin making our beautiful big art for our display on ‘The Fox and The Star’.


Friday 26th March


It has been so lovely having everybody back in the classroom.


This week in English we have enjoyed planning and innovating our versions of the Goldilocks story. We have had some amazing, creative ideas for new characters and events. Our Year 2s have been busy working hard being detectives, finding answers to questions about our text and then even writing their own questions and quizzing each other. Meanwhile, our Year 1s have been enjoying phonics outside and even got to write some of our words and sounds on the playground using chalk!


In maths we have moved on from fractions and have been looking at dividing by sharing. We particularly liked the questions that involved sharing Easter eggs and other yummy food.


This week we have also started to create some art using a printing technique for our class display based on our new text for next term ‘The Fox and the Star’. They are looking beautiful. We learned about the Easter story and made our own storyboard to retell the events.


Have a super break and we will see you all in 2 weeks time x

Science - We have been exploring about how materials can change. We learned that water turns into solid ice when it is very cold and then it melts back into liquid water when it heats up.

Anti-bullying week - We made posters about how to be a good friend and make sure no-one ever feels bullied.

Children in Need

Remembrance Day - Poppy Art

Maths - Using resources to help us identify number bonds and add and subtract tens.

English - Rehearsing our text-map to help our writing.

Fossil Art - We manipulated clay and used different tools to create fossils.

Funky Fingers - Developing fine motor skills

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