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Classteachers: Miss F. Rodgers/Mrs. H. Love

This Week's Learning!

This week, we are learning about the concept of four.  The children are working hard to show four in different ways (e.g.: showing a shape with four corners/sides, showing four pencils, showing a button with four holes, doing four claps or showing 3+1=4 using fingers or written sums).  The children are becoming real masters of maths and are always very quick to show what is NOT a number, as well as what is, as well as find different ways to represent the numbers. 


As part of our learning about the past, we have read the book 'The Story of Life' by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams.  We have used this fantastic book that has a mix of fictional illustrations and non fiction style text to develop our vocabulary, using subject specific words.  Can your child tell you the events of the story?


In Phonics, we are continuing our work on blending sounds to read words.  There is a great game to support this at home if you would like to play:


...but the best way to get children interested in books, words and sounds is purely to read stories TO them and encourage them to spot sounds, predict events, discuss likes and dislikes and just ENJOY reading together.  If they see us enjoying it, they will want to join in, too!

Our Classroom!

Birch's first non-uniform day! Thank you for your donations for the PTA :)

Run Run as Fast as you Can...

We made Colchester! 15/10/20

I'm sure you've been told LOTS that we were going to be building Colchester today...and we did! 

The children ABSOLUTELY LOVED picking their favourite landmark in the town and used LOTS of boxes and odd bits and bobs to create these MARVELLOUS creations! 

Have a look at Birch's version of Colchester below!







Birch's Recount

Still image for this video
We wrote and internalised a text map telling the story of our building day. We used time connectives - see if you can hear them!

Our Classroom





Autumn Knowledge Organiser

We are learning to master our maths skills, to help us truly understand the concepts of maths.  Numberblocks is a fantastic programme that supports this and you can often get great resources in the CBeebies magazines!


If you want to find out more about how we pronounce sounds in phonics and how you can support your child with their learning at home, then check out the Alphablocks!


Wish your child would say more than "nothing" when you ask about their day? Try using these sneaky questions when you chat to them (borrowed from a parenting blog...too good not to share!).


Ever wonder which skills your children are learning through play?  Here is a link that you might find interesting:

Learning Journey 'At Home My Child Has...' Notes - print them from here!