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Let's Get Ready...


We are super excited to be welcoming your children for their first week of full days this coming week!  They can still bring in their water bottles (not metal and only filled with water, please).  Hopefully you have managed to log in and order lunches if you needed to; if your child is bringing packed lunches, we are able to store lunchboxes in the classroom.  

This week will see lots of fun things being introduced to your child - we will begin Phonics lessons and really start to get stuck into our new theme for learning, which is 'Time Travellers'.  

We will have a fantastic time and you should be so proud of these little people!  I am sure they will be ready for some early nights this week.  Don't worry if they have a little 'wobble' about school over the next few weeks; it's totally natural as they get used their new routine...and especially as they become a little tired!  They will soon settle and we will be here to support them during the day.  

Willow are going to be AMAZING this year - I just know it!


Miss Dandy

Autumn Knowledge Organiser