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Classteacher: Miss J. Dandy

This Week's Learning:


This week, we are learning about the concept of five.  The children are working within five to calculate one more and less, as well as subitising...they are very excited to share subitising with you at home.  They are also exploring one more and less than a number, as well as beginning counting from any number, not just 1.  


In Phonics, we are very proud that we are reaching the more complex 'digraph' sounds in lessons.  The children are beginning the next set of sounds in Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds and will now be recapping every sound learned so far, focusing on using them to read words (including polysyllabic words like 'lunch/box'). 


We are also starting work on some super secret December watch this space!


We have uploaded our video tour for new entrants in 2021, as well as launched booking for our virtual 'Meet the SLT' sessions, so if you know any families who are considering their applications, tell them to go to this page:

Our Classroom!

Please take a look at Willow's Text Map video under the Video Centre.

Our Learning:

Our Recount

Still image for this video
Willow Class have created and internalised a 'text map' recount of our building day! We have used lots of time connectives - see if you can spot them!

Our Classroom

Run Run As Fast As You Can............

Willow had a busy afternoon building Colchester!

Autumn Knowledge Organiser

We are learning to master our maths skills, to help us truly understand the concepts of maths.  Numberblocks is a fantastic programme that supports this and you can often get great resources in the CBeebies magazines!


If you want to find out more about how we pronounce sounds in phonics and how you can support your child with their learning at home, then check out the Alphablocks!


Wish your child would say more than "nothing" when you ask about their day? Try using these sneaky questions when you chat to them (borrowed from a parenting blog...too good not to share!).


Ever wonder which skills your children are learning through play?  Here is a link that you might find interesting:


Learning Journey 'At Home My Child Has...' Notes - print them from here!