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Friday 2nd July


The children have had an amazing day. The weather has been glorious and so this enabled us to complete the running races. Just like last week, I have taken lots of photographs so that you get a little flavour of the fun they have had.  Please take a look through the following pictures. 



Let's run!

Friday 25th June 2021

The children all thoroughly enjoyed our carousel of sporting activities on Wednesday morning. They all took part with such enthusiasm and were so supportive of one another. I have put some photographs on our class page on the school website so please take a look. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us next week so that they can complete the running races.

Friday 11th June 2021


The children have been working very hard this week. In English, we have begun to learn our new model text 'Poppy and the Giant'. To help to deepen their understanding of the story, the children used drama to explore the sequence of events and emotions felt by the character. Take a look at our freeze frames below. 


In maths, we have begun to work on telling the time.  This week, we concentrated on reading and writing times to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. We will be working on five minute intervals past and to and them moving onto telling the time to the nearest minute. Please work on this at home as it can be a tricky concept to pick up. 


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the promised sunshine. 

Poppy and the Giant!

Friday 30th April 2021


The children have been working really hard on a range of printing and etching techniques. They used these to create some absolutely fantastic artwork inspired by our text, The Butterfly Lion'. I think they look incredible and so I have taken some photos so that you can see just how well they have all done. 

The Butterfly Lion

Wednesday 28th April


“But you can’t send him to a circus, you can’t!” said Bertie “He’ll be shut up behind bars, I promised him he never would be . And they’ll point at him. They’ll laugh at him. He’d rather die. Any animal would.”


The children have been learning that the way we read a text, particularly speech, shows how well we understand it. We need to understand what has been written to help us to read it with the correct expression and intonation. The children have used drama in our reading lesson to explore the emotions of the different characters, using quotations from our text, The Butterfly Lion. 


Take a look at our photos below. 

Friday 23rd April 


What an amazing day! 


The children have been the most incredible detectives! We received an email from the Crime Editor at the Gazette asking for our help in locating some stolen jewels. He notified us that a man and a vicious looking dog had been seen around our school on Thursday evening and that they were believed to be connected to a missing haul of stolen jewels. Your children were amazing and it turned out that lots of them had actually seen the man, and his grey car, whilst out walking their dog or coming home from various activities! Some of them had even overheard him talking about the crime. We explored the school grounds and found so much evidence and then... incredibly... we found an old metal chest filled with jewels! Miss Griggs has passed all of this information on and the jewels will be returned to their rightful owners. Well done, children. You were fantastic.




What a half term! I hope you all have a lovely break. 


Below, I have attached some examples of identifying unit and non-unit fractions of a whole and of amounts. 


Friday 12th March 2021


What a lovely week we have had! The children have settled back into school brilliantly and it really does feel as though they have never been away.


We have been working hard learning our new model text- How to Cook a Rainbow. The children have text mapped this and have all brought home a copy (along with a a copy of the model text) so that they can practise this over the next few days. They will be retelling this on Tuesday so please support them in learning this. 

We had a lovely lesson on conductors and insulators and the children were able to test different materials in a circuit to see if electricity passed through them. I have included a few pictures of them hard at work. 

We have also been learning how to add and subtract amounts of money and calculate the correct change. We did this using a number line. I have included an example below so that you can go over this is you would like to. 

Calculating change.

Exploring circuits.

Friday 11th December 2020


The children have been working really hard to 'publish' their fantasy stories for our class book. The stories are wonderful and their presentation has impressed me greatly. Please take a look at some of the examples below. I know that you will be as impressed as Miss Betchley and I. 


Fantasy Stories

Tuesday 8th December 2020


We have had great fun today as we used drama to explore how the author, Cressida Cowell, has used language to create excitement and fear in our class text, How to Train Your Dragon. The children were fantastic at reading the speech used by the Green Death and exploring their 'dragon voices'. We then created freeze frames of that moment in the story. Take a look at our photos. 

Dragon Freeze Frames

Friday 27th November 2020


We have had a very busy week and the children have all worked incredibly hard. As you will see from my comment in the diaries, we have been working on addition and subtraction (including calculations which require an exchange) using drawn methods. I have attached some photographs of what this looks like so that you can work on this with your children if you feel they need a little more support.  We will be doing some further work with this method and  moving onto column methods over the next couple of weeks. 

The children have also begun to work on writing up their own fantasy stories, based around the model text 'Reilly' which they have learned. The introductions were pleasing to read. 

Drawn methods of subtraction and addition.

Friday 13th November 2020


We have been busy text mapping and learning our model text of a fantasy story.  The children have been rehearsing today and were brilliant at retelling the story. They have all taken home a copy of the complete text map and the model text. Please encourage your child to rehearse this over the next few days as we will be using the maps to write up the story, from memory, on Wednesday. 


Take a look at our photos. 

Talk for Writing in action!

Having spoken to a number of parents about suitable texts which your child may like to read at home, I have attached a list of books which are ideal for this age group. There are some fantastic books on the list so please take a look. 

100 Books to Read Before the End of Year Four.

We had a special little visitor at playtime today. Mr Watts brought in Mrs. Watts' puppy, Betsy, today. Some of us had a little stroke. Betsy was a bit nervous at first but then really enjoyed meeting the children once she had settled down. Miss Betchley took some photos for our Year Book. 

Meet Betsy.


Friday 23rd October 2020

We have had a very busy Half Term. The children have settled in beautifully and have been working hard in all areas of their learning.  They have made good progress this term and are a lovely group of children to teach. 


Our work has been based around our class text, 'WildSpark' which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. During art lessons, the children have been developing their watercolour painting techniques and have created some wonderful landscapes and cityscapes inspired by the city of Medlock and landscapes by Georgia O'Keeffe.  


As you are unable to come in and see the work, we have taken some photographs of the display. Apologies if they are a little dark. The children's work is lovely and I am very proud of their finished pieces.


During P.E. lessons with Mrs. Osman, the focus has been on Health and Fitness and Athletics with Coach Dan. The children thoroughly enjoy these sessions and take part enthusiastically. 


Please take a look at our photographs. 

Artwork inspired by 'WildSpark'

P.E. lessons with Mrs. Osman and Coach Dan

For your information, I have attached our Knowledge Organiser for this term. 

Knowledge Organiser Summer Term 2021

Knowledge Organiser Spring Term 2021

Knowledge Organiser for Autumn Term