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Miss S. Jaques and Mrs. B. Forster

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Mrs. S. Brown

Mrs. C. Osman (KS1 & KS2 HLTA)


Message to Cedar Class 20.7.20


Hello Cedar class,

Our school year has come to an end and we couldn’t be prouder of you as a class. It has been an absolute privilege to teach each and every one of you and we are so happy with the well-rounded learners that you have become. You have tackled each day with enthusiasm and the home learning that you have completed is to a wonderful standard. We have been so impressed. Sadly, our time together was cut short but it has been so nice seeing the memories you have made in emails and the experiences you have shared with us on the phone.

The year 2020 will go down in history and the memories you will have made will last you a lifetime. You got through this and we are so lucky to have been your teachers; you are so ready for the next chapter in your story.

So, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy your summer holidays because you deserve it more than ever. We cannot wait to see you all in September. You’ve got this Cedar Class. Stay safe, smile and remember that you are ready and you are amazing! See you when you are in juniors!

A message from your teachers

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Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020


Hello Cedar class! We hope you are all okay and looking forward to the summer holidays. We have all been very busy in school with our ‘bubbles’, we hope you are all having the best time at home!

We hope you all enjoyed National Chocolate day on Tuesday, Gabriella certainly did by baking delicious brownies with her sisters, she also visited the woods and made an excellent butterfly collage! Mrs Brown made a scrumptious afternoon tea for her Mum’s Birthday and visited some friends for a BBQ. Mrs Forster went out on Sunday for a lovely lunch in a restaurant garden. Miss Jaques decorated her son’s bedroom with a ‘Dinosaur’ theme and made a chocolate cake with her daughter.

Have a wonderful week and hopefully the sunshine will come back to visit us. Stay safe and speak to you soon. We cannot wait to see you all!

Week beginning 6.7.20

Cedar Class message WB 29.6.20


Hello Cedar Class we hope you have all had a wonderful week in this incredibly hot weather!

We have loved receiving your emails this week and we are so very proud of all your amazing home learning. Frankie discovered a super cool stream whilst on a walk that has tree over it with three rope swings! He also made his family a healthy fruit cocktail and delicious brownies. Isla has also been having fun in the kitchen making her own dough and home-made pizzas! She has made an incredible project about red deer, which is a brilliant read! Darcy has been doing her ‘Beautiful Britain project’ about rabbits and she drew the most wonderful pictures to support her information. Aarush has completed some fantastic work for his project on Insects! He has included information about different habitats and detailed diagrams! Gabriella has had a wonderful week that has included releasing her butterflies into the wild, finishing her incredible project on butterflies (including an informative poster that includes flaps to show hidden facts) and went to Portsmouth to visit family members that she hasn’t seen in six months! What a wonderful time you are all having. Please do keep sending in anything you would like us to see because we love receiving them!

This week Miss Jaques’ sunflowers have finally started blooming after nurturing them for three long months, they are now over six foot tall! She has also bought a gazebo for her garden so her children can go outside in the sunshine. Mrs Forster has got her first runner beans from the seeds she planted for your science investigation which she is very happy about! Mrs Brown has been helping Miss Jarrett sort out lots of lovely new books for Big Reading and the school library.

We hope you are all staying safe and well, have a lovely week!

Week beginning 22.6.20


Hello Cedar Class, how are you? Miss Jaques really enjoyed talking to some of you on the phone last week and the photos she has been receiving are putting a big smile on her face. Harry C made an incredible wooden Bug Hotel to go in his garden and used real tools to build it, Well Done Harry! Manvi has been working extremely hard on her ‘Beautiful Britain’ project and chose a ‘Little Owl’ as her animal. She has competed some excellent diagrams and informative writing. Gabriella has also been enjoying our ‘Beautiful Britain’ project. She has chosen a ‘Butterfly’ after studying the Life Cycle of a Butterfly at home with real life Caterpillars! She has produced some excellent drawings and writing about Butterflies. Icelia created a wonderful nature drawing and Swayam made a super plane out of Lego! Keep up all the excellent home learning Cedar Class.

Miss Jaques and Mrs Forster have been working with their ‘Bubble’ of children this week and they have been settling in nicely. Miss Jaques was able to sit in her mum’s garden for a cup of tea for the first time in nearly three months which she enjoyed. Mrs Brown has been printing off all the lovely ‘Lockdown’ photos that you have all been sending in and has been sticking them into our Cedar Year Book. Mrs Forster has been going on some lovely dog walks and even got caught in a rain shower which the dogs really enjoyed!

Keep sending your photos in and have a lovely week!


Daily maths activities 

Week beginning 15.6.20

Hello Cedar Class! We hope you are having a brilliant week, even though the sun seems to have disappeared. We hope you are enjoying all the work on the website for you to try, we have been hearing that lots of you have enjoyed making rainbow pizzas and have been thinking about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This week Miss Jaques has been in school planning the topics for Autumn Term and has been preparing to look after a group of children from next week. At home she also managed to film one of her butterflies emerging from its chrysalis. Her children were amazed to see the transformation happen. Miss Jaques’ sunflowers enjoyed the rain this week and are now about four-foot tall, hopefully they will flower soon.

Mrs. Forster has been rearranging the furniture in her house this week to make her home feel more spacious. She is also looking forward to having a friend over for dinner Saturday evening. Mrs Brown is still making new comfy cushions for her garden chairs and had a church meeting. We have all been giving our classrooms a fresh lick of paint to tidy up the walls ready for when you all return!

We are still very much enjoying receiving emails about your ‘At home’ antics! Archie has been having lots of fun with his brothers and has even been having tree climbing a go! Gabriella made an excellent clock to help with her ‘Time’ work in maths. Harlie has been very busy making a ‘zoo’, cooking home-made pizza and even went for a swim in the sea! She also went on a woodland adventure collecting sticks, stone, leaves and acorns! Swayam completed some excellent leaf rubbing and Stanley’s bean plant is now towering over his head; its climbing up the garden wall!

We are still missing you all and cannot wait to see you soon!

Have a lovely week and let’s wish back the sunshine!


Daily maths activities 

Message to Cedar Class WB 8.6.20

Hello Cedar Class! We hope you are enjoying your home learning and are continuing to listen well to your grown-ups. We are still enjoying receiving emails showing us what you are getting up to at home so please keep sending them into ‘Admin’. Aarush has completed some stunning ‘scenery drawings’ from a ‘You Tube’ video he watched as well as doing some fantastic descriptive writing. Gabriella is a Chef in the making after cooking her family a delicious ‘Chilli’ from scratch and has also been doing some wonderful art work in the lovely setting of Flatford Mill. Isaac read the whole of Esio Trot and is now getting ready to read ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’.

Miss Jaques and Mrs Brown have been in school this week helping to get everything ready for the safe return of some Myland children soon. Miss Jaques’ has caterpillars at home that are currently in their cocoons; her children are extremely excited to see them transform into butterflies. Mrs Forster enjoyed a video meeting with her parents, sister and brother in law who were enjoying her sisters sunny garden. She has also been in school for a few days helping prepare the classroom for next year. Mrs Forster has been doing some more gardening and her dogs are enjoying the most amazing dog walks!

We hope you have an excellent half term week off and enjoyed spending a little more time outside socially distancing with family members.

From this coming week the children will be set a project called ‘Beautiful Britain’. This will replace the activities for English and topic. Alongside this, the children have phonics and maths activities they are welcome to complete. Please remember that these activities are not compulsory.


WB 1.6.20

Hello Cedar Class! We hope you have had the best half term week off. Miss Jaques has been doing some DIY! Her bathroom has been redecorated, her daughter’s mud kitchen has been given a fresh coat of paint and she has painted two ‘Chalk Board Walls’ in her house for her children to draw pictures on!

Mrs Forster bought a new barbecue this week (taking her and her husband four hours to assemble!) Since building the barbecue they have enjoyed lots of yummy home-made burgers in the sunshine. Mrs Forster also met a friend for a socially distant walk in the park.

Mrs Brown has been working very hard at the allotment this week, painted her bird table and is currently making a new cushion cover for her garden bench.

Harry Q and Manvi have both been enjoying riding their bikes this week which looks like lots of fun!

We are enjoying receiving all your wonderful photos of your home learning activities, please keep emailing them in! One of the activities for next week is to make your own ‘Rainbow Pizza’ and we would love to see your creations!

Year 1 and 2 daily activities 

Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020 - half term


Hello Cedar Class!

We hope you are all okay and you have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this week! We have loved receiving your emails. It has been lovely to see some of the wonderful activities you are completing at home! Harry C we loved your Blue Whale poster, Isla your bean is almost touching the roof! What a wonderful gardener you are. Archie has been completing some awesome arts and crafts, Fletcher made his own slime, tie dyed t shirts and wrote instructions on how to make breakfast! Lots of you have enjoyed making your own Ice Cream Parlour this week, Gabriella and Isla your photos looked like you have been having the best time!

Miss Jaques and Mrs Brown have been in school this week and have enjoyed an ‘Animal Themed’ week. The children have enjoyed lots of art activities including a paper chain snake, fork painting lions, weaving rainbow fish and making springy paper monkeys!

Mrs Forster has created a beautiful flower bed of insect friendly flowers – Lavender and Salvia. She is enjoying watching the bees buzz around it already! She also went on a lovely picnic in a secluded part of Thetford Forest.

We hope you are enjoying the activities on the website.

We have added a small number of outdoor activities you might enjoy carrying out with your family during half term. 



Activity ideas for outdoor fun during half term week



Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020


Hello Cedar class we hope you have had a wonderful week! We have absolutely loved receiving photos of the wonderful activities you have been completing at home, we are so very proud of you!

The week Miss Jaques has made ‘Batman slime’ and ‘dinosaur gloop’ at home with her children and has also had a go at baking! She made chocolate chip banana cake, raspberry and blueberry muffins and sausage rolls! Miss Jaques’ children put some muffins on the neighbour’s door steps for them to enjoy with a cup of tea!

Mrs Forster has been continuing to sort out her garden and it is now taking shape with some lovely fruit trees, colourful plants and shrubs! She has also discovered some lovely new footpaths on her long walks and enjoyed a picnic in her garden for VE day. Mrs Forster has also been teaching her parents how to use Skype and has enjoys lots of facetime calls with friends and family (which we hear lots of you are doing too!).

Mrs Brown also took part in a socially distant street party and enjoyed a family quiz on ‘Zoom’. Mrs Brown did a puppet show on a church ‘Zoom’ service which lots of children enjoyed!

Keep enjoying this time at home with your family and remember we are thinking of you all!

We hope you will enjoy the activities we have provided for you. The activities are not compulsory, but you might like to try some of them out.


Year 1 and 2 weekly timetable and daily activity ideas

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