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Classteacher: Mr. H. Liew

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Mrs. C. Osman (KS1 & KS2 HLTA)

Mrs. C. Patrick

A message from Mr Liew

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Dear Hornbeams,


It has a been an interesting term teaching you all and I can hardly believe the summer holidays are only days away. I wish everyone all the best for next year. Have a good break and recharge for an exciting year ahead in September.


Please also check back on Monday for an important update.


All the best!


Mr Liew

Attention Hornbeams,


It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that the One True Version of Episode VI has been put on indefinite hiatus. I’m sure that Mr Balkan (and others) would agree when I say that perhaps the world (and the Year 5 Project) just isn’t ready for an ending of such mythic grandeur.


However, fret not, this final segment of the Year 5 Project contains just as much challenge and thoughtful insight as the previous ones (although I do not believe one can ever top the longing for the sea that the “Fish Gutters Song” induces). Enjoy the last section of your coastal project and a very special ‘Paint by Numbers’ this week too! Don’t forget to look back on the class page next week for a last goodbye.


@Oliver – it seems you have gained possession of a juvenile form of a particular breed of canine. Congratulations!

@Kyle – love the look of the roller-coasters. They make great mini-metaphors for a variety of things.


Mr Liew


Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate) Hornbeams!


Despite the return to semi-Baltic conditions this week, I hope you have had an enjoyable one. The project continues unabated on to episode 5 this week (a quiet, character study) before we get to the show-stopping finale in episode 6.

@ Abigail – Scratch mazes, Homer Simpson, bean growth and Covid-19 experiments - what a busy week you’ve had!

@ Jack – I am pleased to hear of your proclivity to entrap and cause mental anguish through the subjecting of family members to the navigation of your labyrinthian Scratch maze.


Stay safe,

Mr Liew

Teaser for Episode VI

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Home learning for week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

T'nar pak sorat y'rani Hornbeams!


I hope that in between working hard on your projects and spending (even more) time with your family, you are managing to carefully expose yourselves to aged relics of popular culture. 


The Year 5 Project - Episode 4

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@Miles – Great photos of these container ships. Having seen some up close, the photos do not do justice to how gigantic these things are!


@Rachel -  A good newspaper report based upon the deceased whale. It is a sad end for such a magnificent creature. I would suggest that you must be careful if you were to chance upon a such a thing in real life as the build-up of gases in the gastro-intestinal tract as a result of decomposition can lead to... explosive results.


@Henry – I love your pictures of these dinosaurs (particularly the carnotaurus) and the information you have produced about whales. Are you aware of the modern research concerning feathered dinosaurs and the inaccuracy of the dinosaurs represented in the Jurassic Park franchise? This is an excellent book for further investigation.

Home learning for week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

Salutations, Hornbeams!

I know that there has been an eagerly anticipated update on an interactive, multi-user, heavily monetised, dance-meme friendly piece of software this week (which you may or may not have participated in) but do you know what is even more exciting than that?


It’s…. ‘THE YEAR 5 PROJECT – Episode 3 (13.01) update!'  Please download and enjoy with all your friends and family members.


I should also remind you that next week is National Sports Week. Have a look at this site for some fun activities for you to try!


@ Oliver - winning requires payment in advance; for the will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win. 


@ Gwion - a smashing lock-down diary, I enjoyed reading it very much! Pepysian in lucidity. I also enjoyed your starnosed mole-in-a-hole photo and the surreal nature of your boating trip. Keep it up, Gwion!


@ Jack - there is a keen sense of perspective in your artwork. As I possess only a modicum of fishing knowledge, I shall refer to your guide should I find myself needing to fish for survival.


@ Abigail - I like the design of your town Abigail. What is it called?


@ Rachel - I am pleased that the quiz is finally complete. Apologies for not getting this out sooner Rachel!



Until next week,


Mr Liew



Home learning for week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

Salutations Hornbeams,

I hope you are all ready for the second part of ‘THE YEAR 5 PROJECT’. I believe that things in [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR TOWN HERE] will take an interesting turn this week…


@ Jack  - It looks like town planning and design might be your calling, Jack!

@ Kyle – This seems to be a rare specimen (beautifully presented) - possibly of a Cancer quisquiliae from the Cancridae family of marine arthropoda. An accurate identification?

@ Megan - I'm glad the weather held up for you to enjoy some outdoor cooking!

Stay safe!

Mr Liew

Home learning for week beginning Monday 15th June 2020