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Year 6 Residential Visit March 2022

Year 6 Residential - North Yorkshire

Monday 14th March 2022

What a great first day we've had! A smooth journey to Rotherham saw us arrive at Magna in time for lunch. As the weather was fantastic, we decided to have lunch outside in the Magna playpark.

Soon, we were off to explore the four pavilions in Magna - Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. There was lots to explore and do.......... we saw a tornado made of fire, we made music with the power of air, we saw the water cycle in action (and some of us got caught in a rainstorm indoors!) and we moved rocks and practised using a digger!

After a fun-filled afternoon, we set off for Cober Hill, arriving in time for dinner. Tonight we had tomato soup, followed by chicken goujons, chips and vegetables, followed by apple crumble and custard ......... delicious!

After dinner, our favourite Whitby Storyteller, Rose, visited to tell us spooky stories of the surrounding area. We then had time to sort out our rooms, ready for bedtime!


(A note from Miss G - the children have been absolutely brilliant today. Everyone has been fantastically well behaved and everyone enjoyed dinner. Thank you to those parents who have already sent letters - we have a lovely pile of post to give out at breakfast tomorrow!)

Tuesday 15th March 2022

First of all, a special message from all of us!


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Today, we had a lovely breakfast of cereal, followed by eggs, bacon, beans and toast! We then set off for Eden Camp and really enjoyed exploring the huts, learning all about World War 2. We saw a puppet show and also exercised in the 'Prisoner of War Exercise Compound' (adventure playground)!


After lunch, we came back to Cober Hill and took a leisurely stroll down to the coast. We have been lucky with the weather and made the most of it by returning to Cober Hill and playing in their adventure playground for a short while. We are now finishing our postcards home, which we will post tonight. We have roast chicken on the menu this evening for dinner, followed by a board games evening. We hope you enjoy today's photos!

Wednesday 17th March

Today we went to Beamish. After an early breakfast, we set off for Durham. Unfortunately, it started to rain as we left Cober Hill, but we were lucky that the rain stopped just as we arrived at Beamish! We split into two groups, ready for our Victorian school lesson. We were greeted by the very strict teacher, who told us that we had to remain silent as soon as we walked through the school doors. The classroom had old fashioned desks and an ink well. We had to use a quill pen and ink to do our lesson for the day – arithmetic, handwriting and an ‘object lesson’, where we had to so some art while the teacher read us a story and then we had to answer questions. We had to call the teacher ‘Sir’ every time we spoke to him and he even told Miss Griggs off for having her hands on the table!

We also went into some old pit cottages and learned all about the lives of the families there. The cottages were very small and, in one of them, a family of fourteen all lived in the tiny space!

We also rode on a tram, which was great fun.

We enjoyed burger and wedges for dinner and, as we had so much fun the night before, we decided to continue our board games evening.

We hope you enjoy our photos from today!